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Friday, August 19, 2016

A Mysterious Message in Bangkok

I first heard about the mystery of Garabandal in the year 2000 in Bangkok, Thailand, where I was working with a Catholic organization in a Bangkok slum. One night, a Filipino sea merchant handed me a book of “messages.” My reading material—at least in English—was in short supply, so I sat down that night and began to read. One of the recurring themes of the message was, “Garabandal is authentic.” My response was: “What’s Garabandal?” I didn’t know it was a village in Spain. I didn’t know it was the site of a purported appearance of the Virgin Mary in the early 1960s. In a Buddhist country, thanks to a Filipino sailor, I had stumbled on a mysterious message that lamented a forgotten Catholic apparition. Although my interest was piqued, I was busy at that time and my curiosity flickered and died. It wasn’t until several years later, back in the U.S. as the 50th anniversary of the Garabandal apparitions approached, that I recalled the strange, insistent messages about Garabandal that I had learned about, and realized it was a mystery I wanted to unravel.
It ultimately led to my writing this book:
The Mystery of Garabandal E-Book 
The Mystery of Garabandal Paperback

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Mystery of Garabandal

I have always loved a good mystery. One night in Bangkok, Thailand I first heard about a riveting spiritual mystery, which led me, ultimately, to write this book.

The Mystery of Garabandal

In the summer of 1961, four young girls in the small Spanish village of Garabandal began falling into rigid trances, marching backward up hills, and seemingly levitating inches above the ground. And that was only the beginning...